We all wish to live a wholesome life, enjoying every element, and living each moment to the fullest. But unfortunately, none of us stay that way forever. Or, in some cases, we aren’t born capable of leading our life like that.

Living with a disability can be annoying and depressing, especially for those who had a regular life. We can find ourselves struggling against urges, have to compromise on precious moments, and admit that we are no longer our usual selves. The idea is thrashing and horrifying, but it is something that we have to accept eventually.

Luckily enough, a disability is not the end of the world for people dealing with it anymore. We had several limitations and restrictions, to begin with, but with every stroke of luck, we have taken a step closer to discovering a fulfilling life despite the shortcomings. Technology, science, research, all of it contributed to finding ways to reinvent or redefine lives in every way possible.

Now, we have alternatives to overcome living with a disability, or at least cope up with it by staying active. People can adopt different practices or use multiple methods to ensure that they don’t get left behind in the race of life. Plus, using them can be very helpful in dealing with negative thoughts or depression without medical assistance.

If you are also trying to learn or looking for ways to stay active while living with a disability, then here’s some help to get you set on the right path.

Let’s dive into it


You can start by realizing that the source of all that negativity and depression is staring you right in the face. It is the lack of mobility that anchors you to these thoughts. That’s the area where you should start your fight.

Walkers, wheelchairs, walking canes are some of the options, but they are not the best picks if you are looking to turn your situation around. Try to get yourself the best lightweight transport chairs to get a taste of that brisk movement. They are like cars, but with an imposed speed limit so you will have the fun and the thrill of speed, minus the violation of rules.

Make sure that you are exploring all your options to their potential and not giving in to pessimistic thoughts. That not just ought to help you with staying active, but also restore some meaning to your life.


Staying active is very much coherent with the definition of staying healthy. A disabled person can often lose sight of both while resisting to find the motivations for either one. That is why even if you are not willing to keep up with any activities, you can still focus on your well-being and health.

Talk to your doctors and physicians about your condition and inquire if you can exercise or exert yourself. If they approve of it, try to go for some aerobic activities that are good for your heart. Wheelchair walking or swimming are preferably your best options to pursue. Try to give at least two and a half hours to these activities.

Going for some muscle-strengthening exercise is also a great choice. Try to use the dormant muscles to maintain a healthy flow of blood in those body parts. For your good, keep a supervisor or trainer along to help you with these exercises.

These can be very beneficial for your health, and get you set to stay active while living with a disability.


Besides all these, try to do something that aligns with your interests. Exercise and moving around might be great for your health and mood, but they are no substitute for what you love to do.

Try to indulge yourself in some sports that you can enjoy and help you forget about your disability. Cycling is famous amongst the disabled community with modified bicycles. Golfing or horse riding are other options that you might enjoy. If not those, then you can find water sports to suit your liking. Canoeing, rafting, or kayaking are the options that will keep you out of the water, but you can also go with pool volleyball.

These are some of the sports activities that you can pick up as a hobby and invest your time. Since they are not part of your health regime or for the sake of overcoming your disability, they promote a healthy mindset and help you stay active.


Disability incites a sense of helplessness and makes you feel that you are no longer in control of your life. However, that is only a momentary mistake, and far from reality.

You can overcome this thought by adopting a pattern of living and setting up a schedule for day-to-day activities. Keep yourself invested and find places where you need to be. It can be a family or friend’s gathering, or you can become a part of a support group where you get to connect with other people like you. Most individuals would get frustrated, looking upon it as part of their disability, while in all honesty, it is just one more opportunity for them to connect with others.

Work on setting your perspectives right and proceed with your life in an orderly fashion. That should do wonders for you if you are trying to stay active while living with a disability.


These are some helpful ways for you to stay active and lead close to regular life with a disability. Focus on the strengths and positives instead of paying all the attention to the shortcomings. Remember that a restriction can never take your place from you in this world, and you can always change your situation on a whim. Believe in that, and you will be far better than most able people.

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