Our body is made to be in motion. It is by being physically active that we both strengthen our skeleton and build muscle. However, it doesn’t end there. Physical activity also helps to reduce the risk of disease and also increases our mental well-being. Playing basketball is one excellent way to exercise your body. Basketball is a famous sport played by people of every age across the world and played professionally or just for fun. When asked what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball, there are many.

The whole idea of basketball is to outscore, outwit and outdo the other team. Most of us have seen tall players rise up into the air and shoot the ball through the basket. The players are lean and muscular and when you look at them you get an answer to the question what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball.

Being fit and muscular is a huge health benefit when asked ‘what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball. In basketball, you have to get around quickly – there is no time for sluggishness.

There is nothing new about this game of basketball as it was started in 1891 already by James Naismith. He wanted to ensure that his students could remain active during the long New England winters by playing an active indoor game.

Basketball is a team sport. The teams are small, with just 5 players in each team. Most of the players are so big that just having 10 of them moving around on the rectangular basketball court makes it appear crowded.

As already mentioned, the aim of the players is to get hold of the bouncy round orange ball and to pass it from one player to the next on their team. The idea is to ultimately shoot the ball through a hoop that stands on the opponent’s side of the court. The team has to stop the opposite team from scoring more goals than your team.

Lots Of Games With The Actual Ball

Lots of games with the actual ball

But the actual game of basketball is not the only game you can have with the actual ball. There are a lot of ideas and games that you can play for fun but which also come with a bit of a competitive edge. What are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball that should also be taken into account with these games? They also come with positive physical benefits.

These days, with covid-19 raging around, anything that can get people exercising and getting outside into their gardens is a help to fight the virus. These games to play with a basketball is a great way to relax a bit and have some fun outdoors. The games are not serious like the game of basketball where there are certain rules that you need to play the game professionally and that make it so thrilling.

These are just casual games with no hard and fast rules and you can change the rules and ideas to suit you. With a basketball you can even make up some of your own games – there are always health benefits to every bit of exercise you participate in.

The game ‘5 Spots’ can be fun and it is where you choose 5 spots on the basketball court and you count how many shots it will take to shoot the ball into the basket from those spots. The player with the lowest amount of shots will be the winner.

What Are Some Of The Physical Benefits Of Playing Basketball – An Alternative To Screen-Addiction

Kids always ask ‘where can I play basketball’, and of course if you are lucky to live in a house with a garden, then your very own driveway will be a good place to start. Why basketball is important if your child shows interest in exercise and sports, is that it draws your child away from that screen addiction that is so prevalent among the youth of today, and many older people too.

You can be thankful if your child shows an interest in playing outside and if you have a garage and driveway, it is one of the best places for a basketball hoop. If one of the parents is a handyman, it is not going to cost a lot to invest in a hoop for your child and to attach it onto a garage wall. Failing that, if you have a garden, you can even buy the basketball hoop and put it into the ground.

Obesity – A Growing Concern

Obesity – a growing concern

When you ask what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball, particularly when children are concerned, obesity and losing weight is one. Children around the world are battling with obesity, and of course, as well as the physical effects, the social and psychological aspects of obesity can make children utterly miserable.

Children can be cruel to one another, so every parent will want to know what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball with an overweight child. Losing weight is just one. Every fat child is sure to have to put up with a lot of teasing and bullying at school. It can lead to social problems later on. Your child is classified as obese when their body weight is 20% higher than the average for their age.

When answering what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball, there are many to do with weight. Carrying too much weight puts a strain on the whole body and can lead to serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes.

High blood pressure too, is not only an adult problem as well as type 2 diabetes. Childhood obesity can cause high blood pressure which can cause dizziness, headaches, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, and in extreme cases it can lead to kidney failure and stroke as well as heart disease.

it is also just one of the benefits of playing instruments – because when children are learning to play the guitar, the flute, saxophone, organ, piano, it can remove boredom and boredom is often an instigator of bad eating habits.

Feel-Good Benefits

With people playing basketball, the whole idea is to score. So, with asking ‘what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball’, the answer extends to simply feeling good, mentally as well. When you score, that has health benefits too because with the body having feel-good hormones, when these hormones are released, they promote a sense of wellbeing.

With basketball, where a person is at the time of scoring will determine how many points they are awarded. When you look at the basketball players they are lean, muscular, and energetic and one has to ask ‘what are some of the physical benefits of basketball?’ Taking part in sport generally can help us become fitter, leaner, healthier, stronger, and mentally confident as well.

If you are specifically looking for a sport to take part in and you ask what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball, one of the advantages of this sport is that it is an indoor game, meaning the game does not come to a halt during a certain season but it can be played any time of the year.

So if sport can do all this, what are some of the other physical benefits of playing basketball specifically?

Builds Muscles

It is mind-boggling to know that we have got about 600 muscles all working to get the body to work. If we are couch potatoes, the muscles become weak and fat moves in. Why it is so important to exercise and get that lean muscle is because being lean also influences metabolism.

Even when lean muscles are at rest, they are burning calories. So by increasing your lean muscle mass, you have a higher metabolism and it is easier to control your weight.

Basketball is a sport that gets muscles going in your whole body. Jumping is what basketball players are doing all the time and according to a sports fitness advisor, squat jumps are one of the best lower body plyometric or jump training exercises. It is good to practice these squat jumps by starting with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Bend your knees and lower your hips until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Then jump as high as possible. Land with both feet and then lower yourself to perform the same thing over again.

Balance And Coordination Improved

Balance and coordination improved

When you ask what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball, people may just assume that basketball comes with just physical benefits, but it comes with a host of other benefits too – from learning how to be a good team player, to learning self-discipline and to be more self-confident.

You burn a lot of calories while playing this game and it can give you a jolly good workout. Because of all the stopping and starting in the game, it can also help to improve your balance and coordination.

As kids, many of us have played backyard basketball games and have had a basketball hoop somewhere in the garden, often in the garage driveway. Kids basketball games where you specifically improve your shooting skills is the game known as Around the World which involves 2 or more people playing.

The game requires players to make various shots from the key. This is the area in the basketball court under the basket and bordered by several lines – with the winner being the first one to complete all shots. There are several other basketball games that kids play such as 1-on-1, H-O-R-S-E, and others.

What Are Some Of The Physical Benefits Of Playing Basketball – Basketball Makes You Super Fit

Basketball is a very popular sport and the players have to be immensely fit as there is not much time to be standing around. The players are running, dribbling, lurching, and jumping during a game that typically lasts for four-quarters.

The players have to be super fit and they go through some stretching motions at practice and always before a game. This stretching is important to ensure the basketball players are flexible. Stretching enhances this flexibility and is a critical element of an exercise program. This stretching for the players is important for several reasons –

  • It increases a player’s physical performance
  • It increases the supply of nutrients and blood to the joints, increasing co-ordination
  • It increases your ability to perform on the court
  • Reduces soreness and reduces your risk of lower back pain
  • Reduces stress in the muscles

The basketball players always stretch the muscle group they will be exercising before training. Their muscles have to be loose and flexible to play the game because tight muscles can lead to straining them.

It takes a long time to heal strained muscles and who wants to be out of a game for so long that they replace you with someone new? So if you are playing basketball or any other sport for that matter, a stretching program will always be part of the package.

If you want to know what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball, by doing stretching exercises you are already benefiting by preventing injuries. It is why basketball games for kids that possibly turn professional will require stretching. If a child is serious about playing basketball for years to come, they have to learn the importance of stretching as they will be stretching throughout the basketball game.

There are so many good reasons to play basketball. In the 21st century, with all its illness and chaos, the question asked regarding playing baseball will be what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball and there are simply too many to mention.

The happy hormone, serotonin, so important for brain function, mood, and digestion is reason enough to consider this energetic sport. Whether it is basketball or some other sport, the truth about what are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball or any other sport is that they can all help one towards becoming immune to disease. For that very reason, everyone should be doing physical activity for health.

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