Alcohol use disorder is characterized by drinking so much alcohol in any form that your body becomes physically dependent on it. This means that you will crave it regardless of cost. If this happens, you must seek help.

What causes Alcohol use disorder? Alcohol use disorder is caused by a chemical change in the brain that makes drinking extremely pleasurable. This change typically occurs after extreme amounts of alcohol have been consumed. Eventually, the brain becomes numb to alcohol, but a person will continue to drink to prevent withdrawal symptoms, which can be extremely unpleasant. Alcohol use disorder is also known to be hereditary.

What are the risk factors for this disease? More than 15 drinks per day if you’re male, or 12 if you’re female, Drinking more then 5 drinks on any one day, also known as binge drinking, a parent or relative with alcohol use disorder, or and type of mental disorder or disease, such as clinical depression or extreme anxiety. Societal risk factors include: Peer pressure, stress, low self-esteem, or a culture of alcohol acceptance.

Do you have the disease? (What are the symptoms?) Symptoms of the disease include craving alcohol, drinking alone, having a higher tolerance for alcohol, neglecting social or otherwise responsibilities or continuing to drink when problems arise.

Lastly, you can experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to become clean from the disease. These symptoms include shaking, nausea, or vomiting. This is why it is paramount to seek out professional help. A home detox is not only less likely to succeed, but will be much more uncomfortable for you. Let the professionals help you.

Alcohol Use Disorder

Why You Should Get Sober from Alcohol Use Disorder in a Florida Alcohol Detox Facility

So, you think you might be addicted to alcohol or a drug? The first thought that comes to mind is: what should I do about it? I can assure you the best possible option is to join a Florida Alcohol Detox Facility. There are several key reasons why you should do this, and they will be explained here.

What is alcohol detox? Alcohol detox is the process of becoming physically free from the effects of any controlling substance. Medical detox allows you to begin recovering much more safely and comfortably.  Medical professionals will supervise your recovery and ensure your comfort and health.  This option also gives you a much higher chance not to relapse, and to recover completely.

First of all, they are easily accessible both financially and geographically. Treatment starts at only 3,000 U.S.D according to, which is a reasonable price for most people. There are over 120 centers spread throughout Florida, so it is more then likely that there will be one near you.

Next, they are all-inclusive. There are centers for men, women, teens, and those who speak Spanish as a first language. There are both in-patient and out-patient services which are all aimed at different types of addiction. This makes it very likely that there is a center aimed at your specific type of addiction, and ready to provide help for it.

More specifically, there are two main types of recovery centers to be discussed. Long term and short term. Short term often focuses on the methods used to detox while long term is focused much more on using medicine and other methods to help the detox. Some of these services include IV detoxification and IV therapy.

Alcohol Use Disorder

How to Choose the Correct Type of Recovery Center for you

It is important that you choose the correct type of recovery center for you. There are many different types of alcohol addiction. Each recovery center is focused towards a certain one, and recovery centers in Florida cover all of them.

There are 5 main types of alcohol addiction, each with varying treatment.

The five types are:

Young Adult- Encompasses about 32% of people with who have alcohol use disorder. Their symptoms begin around 20 years old. They drink less days per week then average, but when they do they tend to binge drink.

Young antisocial- Encompasses about 21% of people with alcohol use disorder. Characterized by having antisocial personality disorder, which pushes them to begin drinking in adolescence, around age 15. It is also common for them to suffer from other mental conditions.

Functional – Includes about 19% of those with alcohol use disorder Have higher income and education, with much more stable lives compared to others with alcohol use disorder. Binge drink on average every other day.

Intermediate Familial- Also includes about 19% of those with alcohol use disorder. About half of these have one or more family members who abused or are abusing alcohol. They start drinking from stress around age 17. Nearly half of people with this subype suffer with clinical depression.

Chronic Severe- Most of the individuals in this group are male, divorced, and are most likely abusing more then one drug. This group is about 9% of everyone with alcohol use disorder.

Based on where you see yourself among these subtypes, you will want to seek out a recovery center that fits your needs.

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