Did you know that less than one percent of the American population uses Kratom? These numbers may seem low, but kratom has been gaining popularity as self-treatment and can be a great legal alternative to cannabis.

You may be wondering can kratom help with pain? If you are looking for a herbal supplement, continue reading for information on the best kratom for chronic pain.

What is Kratom

The Effects Of Yellow Vietnam Kratom On The Human Body

Kratom is a herbal remedy that derives from the mitragyna speciosa plant found in Asia. While kratom can be chewed or smoked, it is now mostly ingested.

It is known to have wonderful effects that boost energy, relieve pain, and reduce anxiety. Kratom can even stimulate our opiate receptors, which can help reduce the struggles of managing opiate withdrawals.

Best Kratom for Chronic Pain

There are three main different types of kratom strains. Each strain offers different experiences that can affect your mind or body. They are differentiated between the color of veins in the natural leaf.

Red, green, and white are the most common types of kratom. When you’re looking into using kratom for pain, you should try to stick with the red and green strains. Here are the top options for pain relief.

Maeng Da

What is Kratom

This red leaf strain is very strong for new users, so it’s important to measure kratom dosage for chronic pain. The Maeng Da is from a combination of different veins and is great for feeling calm. Packed with alkaloids that can help with the pain and promote relaxation, Maeng Da is one of the most potent strains.

Red Bali

If you are looking for something to treat pain and be able to have energy, this might be the strain for you. Some people don’t want to feel too relaxed throughout the day, and red Bali tends to help you maintain focus.

Red Bali is often very easily found due to the large leaves found on kratom trees. These strains derive from the Sumatra and Borneo kratom trees.

Red Dragon

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

This strain is excellent for pain relief and severe anxiety because of its potency. If you plan on taking kratom for pain management, this can be one of the best options.

It’s important to be aware that normal activities can be hard due to this strain’s relieving effects. It’s recommended to take this when you are at home or have little to do.

How to Get Kratom

When you are buying kratom it’s important to buy from a reputable company. If the product is very cheap, you may want to look somewhere else. It’s always a great idea to read reviews and check product ingredients to ensure you’re buying from a credible source.

If you are an avid kratom user or want the best kratom for chronic pain, you might consider growing your own strain. This can be a great pastime and save you a lot of money. There are great resources you can use to find the best guide to growing kratom.

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