Are you building a new home?   Perhaps you’re having some trouble with your old roof and need to replace it?  Maybe you simply don’t like the style of your roof. You might have purchased the home recently and decided that a new or different type of roof is in order.  Either way, here are some tips for choosing a roof for your home.

There are 15 different types of roofs for a home and they are as follows.

  • Hip
  • Dormer
  • Box Gable
  • Open Gable
  • Skillion and Lean To
  • Intersecting/Overlaid Hip
  • Butterfly
  • Mansard
  • Hip and Valley
  • Gambrel
  • Cross Hipped
  • Flat
  • Jerkinhead
  • Hexagano Gazebo
  • Dutch Gable
  • Pyramid Hip
  • Combination
  • Shed
  • Salt Box
  • M Shaped

Roofs are not only there for protective shelter, but they can also add space to your home or make them more energy efficient.  A roof can also weatherproof your house and make it more resilient.

You should consider your environment and climate when choosing a roof.  For example, a Gable Roof could bring on problems if you are in an area that gets hit by hurricanes or extremely high winds.  However, they shed snow and water easily and provide extra space and ventilation for a vaulted ceiling or an attic. Gable Roofs are also cheaper and easier to build.

If a Gable Roof won’t work for you, then you should consider a Hip Roof.  This type of roof is much more stable because of its inward slope on all four sides.  They are great in snowy, high wind places. The slope allows snow to drift off and leaves no residue of water in the process.

These roofs, however, are much more expensive and harder to build.  They also have additional seems which may allow leaks if it’s not installed correctly.


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