If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s actions, whether at work, on the road, while walking down the street, or enjoying dinner at your favorite restaurant, you may be entitled to claim compensation and recover your medical costs, lost wages, and more.

No law requires you to hire a personal injury lawyer. Still, there are many advantages of hiring an attorney, including getting more money than you would alone — even after legal fees.

Why Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Find out what a personal injury lawyer does and some key reasons you should consider hiring legal representation.

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Personal injury law is complex. Each state has its unique laws and requirements, which can make navigating it alone tricky at the best of times. Filing a personal injury claim can be overwhelming when you’re also suffering physical pain from your injuries, recovering from treatment or surgery, and struggling to make ends meet because you can’t work,

Having a personal injury lawyer on your side can be a huge benefit. As they understand the nuances of the law, they can identify avenues of recovering the compensation you might not even know about and make sure you meet all the necessary deadlines and requirements.

They Can Help You Secure Maximum Compensation

One of the most common objections to hiring a personal injury lawyer is that because you need to pay legal fees, you might be better off claiming on your own to recover 100% of your settlement award. But according to the Insurance Research Council, personal injury claimants (plaintiffs) receive three-and-a-half times more in a settlement with legal representation than without it.

This is because personal injury lawyers are skilled negotiators who will push back on unfair offers to get you what you’re entitled to. If you represent yourself, an insurance adjuster may lowball you and pressure you to accept an offer as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life. The risk of doing this is that you might accept a settlement thinking it will cover all of your expenses, only to find out later that you need costly surgery or ongoing rehabilitation.

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A personal injury lawyer will also ensure you get the different types of compensation available to you. Let’s say you break your wrist in an accident. You may know you’re entitled to recover your lost wages and the cost of your medical treatment. Still, you might not realize you’re entitled to recover significant compensation for the permanent weakness and chronic pain in your hand that makes it difficult for you to do certain tasks independently.

By tapping into their wide network of professionals, your personal injury lawyer can gather opinions from medical experts to support your claim and bolster your settlement.

They Can Represent You in Court

Very few personal injury cases go to trial, with most settled during the negotiation phase. But sometimes, the insurer might be unwilling to budge, and you might decide to take your case to court.

Going to trial is a lengthy process that involves discovery (gathering and sharing evidence) and further negotiations. Because a trial is a risk — a judge may order a settlement far higher than any number floated during negotiations — it’s not uncommon for parties to settle at the eleventh hour.

Whether you get your day in court or your case settled during the pre-trial stage, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is a must.

They’ll build a strong case, present evidence, and question witnesses on the stand (through direct and cross-examination).

They Give You Peace of Mind

As we’ve already touched on, the aftermath of an injury can be stressful. While you may be entitled to compensation, the last thing you want to deal with is persistent phone calls from insurance adjusters checking on your progress and asking about your injuries or trying to collect evidence while you’re recovering at home.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer gives you peace of mind that your legal rights are protected, and your case is in the best hands while you focus on getting better or adapting to life with your long-term injuries.


Ultimately, hiring a personal injury lawyer gives you the best chance of recovering a fair settlement for your injuries after your accident. What’s more, many attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means you’ll only ever pay legal fees if your case is successful. Choosing an attorney you trust is vital, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of free consultations offered by law firms near you so you can make sure you pick a firm you are confident will fight for your rights.

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