The Cannabis sativa plant is remarkably complex. Including over 100 distinct cannabinoids and countless additional terpenes and flavonoids, cannabis contains endless mysteries just waiting to be discovered.

One mysterious aspect of Cannabis sativa that’s recently become considerably clearer is the role of CBN, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that nonetheless bears significant resemblance to THC. Learn what CBN is, and find out which CBN products have become the most popular.

What is CBN?

Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally when THC oxidizes. Losing critical components of its molecular structure due to UV light damage or age, THC transforms into CBN, which researchers mistook as the primary component of Cannabis sativa for decades.

Recently, scientists have learned how to mass-produce CBN using CBD, removing this cannabinoid’s connection with THC and making it much easier to produce CBN products. While it remains impossible to cultivate CBN-rich Cannabis sativa flower, this cannabinoid is nonetheless available in bulk quantities from a handful of reputable suppliers like GVB Biopharma.

How are CBN products different from CBD products?

There are a few key ways that CBN products are different from their CBD counterparts:

Less diversity

Since it’s impossible to extract CBN directly from hemp flower, it’s necessary to produce CBN in isolate form by converting it from other cannabinoids. It’s then possible to reintroduce CBN isolate into cannabinoid-rich hemp flower extract, but most CBN products on the market contain the isolate form of this cannabinoid.

As a result, the range of products that contain CBN is significantly limited. CBN tinctures and capsules are relatively commonplace, but CBN vapes are rarer. Mainly due to this cannabinoid’s newness to the market, CBN topicals are relatively hard to find.

Less competition

While CBN is starting to make a name for itself, this cannabinoid is not nearly as popular as CBD. As a result, there isn’t as much competition in the burgeoning CBN industry as there is in the largely established CBD industry.

As is to be expected, there is an equally reduced demand for CBN products compared to CBD products. Consumers are rapidly becoming aware of the unique benefits of CBN, however, and we’re approaching a sweet spot in the evolution of the CBN market that will reward brands that get in on the ground floor of this cannabinoid’s rise to fame.

Different effects

Like CBD, CBN is non-intoxicating. Veteran cannabis breeders and CBN newbies alike, however, swear by this cannabinoid’s sleep-inducing properties. While this benefit is not yet backed up by science, research has been conducted into CBN’s potential neuroprotective and antimicrobial properties.

Right now, these are the most popular types of CBN products:

  1. Tinctures
  2. Capsules
  3. Vapes

Just as tinctures were the standby of the CBD industry during much of this market’s evolution, consumers are also turning to oral tinctures as CBN gets its start. Capsules are also widely viewed as safe, simple products, leading to the popularity of CBN gel caps.

Perhaps more surprising is the rise in popularity of CBN vapes. Consumers who are willing to try CBN are often experienced with other cannabinoids, so they’re familiar with the fast activation times and potent effects provided by inhaling the active compounds in hemp.

Emphasizing the unique properties of CBN is key

Consumers who might be interested in CBN want to know how this cannabinoid is different from CBD. Instead of marketing CBN as a slightly different version of CBD, it’s important to accentuate this cannabinoid’s unique properties.

It’s possible to take this approach even if you combine CBD and CBN into the same product, which is an increasingly popular method. By adding CBN to CBD, you can explain, the effects of CBD are entirely changed.

Start selling CBN products today

Offering CBN isolate products for sale is easier than ever before. Reputable bulk cannabinoid suppliers and white labelers are competing to offer high-quality, lab-tested CBN products for the lowest prices, making it simple for aspiring CBN entrepreneurs to choose a supplier and get started. CBN will only get more popular as time goes by, so establish yourself as a reliable CBN brand before the competition gets there first.

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