Have you ever asked yourself “why do we get hiccups?” Well, we have all wondered this through the years. Many people experience this bodily phenomenon every now and again and it can be quite annoying.

This article goes in-depth to find out the answers to all of your “why do we get hiccups” questions. Furthermore, we’ll be giving you some advice on how to get rid of them if you’re experiencing them right now.

So read on to discover everything you never knew about the hiccups.

Contraction of the Diaphram

Get Hiccups

This happens when the muscles in the diaphragm spasm. The diaphragm is the muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. The spasm usually lasts for a few seconds.

There are a few things that can help get rid of the hiccups, such as drinking a glass of water, holding your breath, swallowing a teaspoon of sugar, or getting hiccupops from hiccupops.com and see if it’s up to your liking. If any of these doesn’t work, you should consider having a hiccup treatment and ask the doctor about how to stop hiccups.

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol irritates the stomach lining, causing hiccups. Or, it could be that the alcohol relaxes the muscles in the throat and diaphragm, leading to hiccups. It’s also possible that hiccups are a side effect of the body’s natural response to the chemicals in alcohol.

Sudden Change in Temperature


The sudden change in temperature flex in your diaphragm, the muscle that separates your chest cavity from your abdominal cavity and controls your breathing. The reflex causes your diaphragm to spasm or contract and then relax. This spasm forces a sudden, deep breath in, which forces a whoosh of air past your vocal cords.

Stress and Anxiety

When we are anxious, our bodies release a hormone called adrenaline. This hormone increases our heart rate and blood pressure. The body goes into fight-or-flight mode, and the muscle responsible for breathing can also spasm.

Eating Too Quickly

When you eat too quickly, you swallow a lot of air along with your food or drink. This extra air can build up in your stomach and also cause your diaphragm to spasm.

The spasm causes your diaphragm to contract and push air out through your mouth.

Caused by Smoking

We get hiccups

We get hiccups when the muscle that controls our breathing (the diaphragm) contracts too much or too quickly. This can be caused by smoking, which irritates the diaphragm and causes it to contract. Hiccups are also a common side effect of quitting smoking, as the body adjusts to not having nicotine.

Find Out Why Do We Get Hiccups?

There are many people who ask why do we get hiccups. They’re usually harmless and will go away on their own. If you want to get rid of them or avoid them, you should start by quitting smoking and eating slowly; buying a hiccup is also a great option for stopping a hiccup or hiccough.

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