During the digital era, the need for medication, food and news is becoming much more fast-paced. As a result, we are seeing technology revolutionising this process and making the distribution process much more streamlined as a result. In this article, we will be looking into some of the reasons that pharmacists are becoming much more popular during this unprecedented time.

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Access To Medicines Quickly

One of the biggest benefits to come from the pharmacists is access to medicines that you need quickly. They are a crucial part of the distribution process and work closely with GP’s and other medical practices to ensure that the necessary medication is with those that need it. With several other medication and shampoos and other elements within the store, customers can get everything that they need without having to head to numerous different shops.

Making The Jump To The Online Sector

Another huge benefit is the jump that several pharmacies have made to the online sector, particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic. With more of us required to stay inside, several pharmacies have allowed you to book simple medication such as sildenafil tablets and other medications such as pain killers and repeat prescriptions online. These can either be delivered to your home or for pick up at your local pharmacy. This, in turn, has revolutionised the process, making it easier than ever before to gain access to the medication that you need. In turn, it has also helped to revolutionise the distribution process.

Frees Up Time From GP’s

In addition to this, pharmacists can help to free up time for doctors’ surgeries ton tackle common issues such as the common cold and answer any questions about medication for headaches, common colds and sore throats. Though they are not trained as doctors many that work in a pharmacy have some sort of medical background. This, therefore, means that you can go to them for medical advice regarding these small issues and you don’t need to ask your doctor for advice. This is a huge benefit for the medical sector as it frees up time for them and allows for medication to be provided over the counter without the need for a script.

Distribution Processes

With prescription medication requiring a script from your doctor, there are some doctor’s surgery’s that have a built-in dispensary. However, some medications are not carried and ned to be ordered in. This is where the distribution process comes in. With a direct line to wholesalers and others in the distribution process, they can have the medication for you to pick up within a week. As a result, this has helped to ensure even distribution of medication both prescription and pain killers within the system. This is crucial as this ensures that there is no over saturation as a result of bulk buying.

With this in mind, there are several reasons that pharmacies have become more important than ever in recent months, particularly when it comes to the distribution of medication at this uncertain time.

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