Like to smoke weed in your spare time? But don’t know why use a bong?

You’re not alone. Even your mum and dad might be doing it! Indeed, 52% of American adults have tried weed before, and 65% of them are parents.

These stats come from 2017 as well. With more places legalizing marijuana each year, those figures would be even higher three years on.

If your answer to the first question was yes, then this is the article for you. You’ll probably know exactly where and how to buy weed near you, but what you might not know is why you should be using a bong to smoke it.

People Why Use a Bong?

Interestingly, the rising popularity of cannabis it’s pros and cons are driving a revolution in how you get blazed too. Vaporizers, e-cigarettes, edibles, and even gas masks are available for the task. In our humble opinion, though, you can’t beat a bong.

Why use a bong when there are so many alternatives out there these days? Well, for a whole host of reasons! The benefits are there for all to enjoy.

Want to learn all about them? Keep reading to discover 6 primary benefits of a bong that every weed smoker should know about.

1. They Deliver a Healthier High

A primary reason that smoking out of a bong is so popular is because of it’s supposed health benefits. Now, that might come as a surprise. After all, smoking doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to physical health.

Hear us out though!

Bongs Provide a Healthier High

Compared to other methods, bongs could provide a healthier high. It all comes down to the processes involved. Basically, you’re not exposing yourself to as many damaging toxins and carcinogens as you would with a pipe or joint.

The water in the bong helps to filter them out, delivering a cleaner smoke to your lungs. You could never claim that it’s ‘healthy’, per se. But the slight reduction in tar, ash, and other nasty compounds is definitely better than nothing.

2. They Offer Hefty Hits

Another key reason people love bongs so much is for the hit they provide.

The amount of smoke they produce is far greater than most other methods. There’s nothing stopping you from heating the weed, filling the entire bong with smoke, and sucking it up in one gigantic rip. Do a couple of those and you’ll soon feel the effects!

We wouldn’t recommend it for newbies though. Anybody who isn’t used to smoking is sure to struggle with such enormous hits. For old hands, though, that kind of high is hard to come by elsewhere.

3. They Taste Better

Taking a huge hit can be fun every once in a while. But smoking weed isn’t always about getting high as quickly as possible. It’s the process that should be prioritized most of the time.

It should be fun and pleasurable! Bongs come in handy in this way too. Why?

Because the hit you get is far smoother. Unlike smoking a joint, for example, you aren’t inhaling smoke that’s been created through combustion.

Feelings of Bong

This can burn your throat and feel uncomfortable- especially for newbies.

By contrast, the water in a bong reduces the temperature of the smoke before you inhale it. This reduces the burning sensation and results in a far creamier, smoother hit. Whether you’re alone or with friends, you’re far more likely to enjoy the experience.

4. They’re Easy to Use

Have you ever tried rolling a joint? It’s not easy! Most people who do it for the first time will crinkle the paper, spill the weed, and end up with a moist, un-smokable mess.

Success in this endeavor requires dexterity, a steady hand, and bucket-loads of practice.

Sure, like any skill, you’ll improve over time. In the meantime, though, you’ll roll more than a few bad joints and waste a fair amount of weed in the process. Even worse, you’ll be forced to rely on others to roll your joints until you become more adept at the task.

Bongs Suffer no such Problem

Literally anybody can do it straight away! You fill the container with water, pack the bowl with weed, light it up, and smoke away.

The whole thing couldn’t be easier, which makes bongs accessible to anybody. Whether you’re getting high for the first time or the thousandth, you’re sure to have a good time.

5. They’re Easy to Clean

Bongs aren’t just easy to use though. They’re a breeze to clean and maintain too.

In general, all you need to do is replace the spent weed and empty the old water each time. Wipe the mouthpiece down and you’re good to go. Want to take it a step further?

Dissemble the bong, add some vinegar and baking soda, and give it a good shake (making sure you plug the holes at the same time). Empty it all out, rinse with fresh water, and voila- you’re done! Do that over time and your bong should stay in good condition well into the future!

6. They’re Fun and Full of Variety

Another bonus of bongs is how fun they are to own.

For one thing, they come in all shapes and styles (such as a percolator, round-based, multi-chamber, or beaker bong). With different colors, materials, and accessories, you can always find a bong to match your personality. They’re ideal for social gatherings too, with endless quirks and colors that make awesome conversation starters.

These particular attributes also mean they make great gifts.

Know somebody who smokes? Want to buy them something practical, useful, and stylish? Get them a unique and artistic bong that suits their character! They’re sure to love it.

Why Use a Bong? Now You Know

Tens of millions of people smoke weed up and down the country. And they’re doing it in a wide variety of ways! From puffing on joints to putting on purpose-built gas masks, there’s no shortage of ways to get blazed these days.

Nevertheless, bongs remain a go-to tool for many devoted weed smokers. These old dogs of the benefits of using medical cannabis for pain offer a host of advantages over alternative methods. Hopefully, this post has highlighted the main ones and answered the question of ‘why use a bong’ in the process.

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