Dick Swaab – one of the most respected European neuroscientists. In his best-selling book, “We – are our brains,” he tells the story of how physiological processes in the brain determine human life. “Theory and Practice” starts cooperation with the publishing house of Ivan Limbakh and publish an extract from the book of Swaab – a strange syndrome, carriers of which feel themselves inferior people until they amputate part of their body.


“Prams” lifestyle – it’s terrible for a great number of people, but not for one American woman. Chloe Jennings-White is 57 years old now. She lives in Salt Lake City (USA). Being a chemist by education, she has a very strange desire – to be paralyzed from the waist down.


During her everyday life Chloe behaves like disabled people. She uses a wheelchair to move. She is also wearing long fixators which excite knees. These clamps enable any movements with the help of crutches. But when Chloe has to go upstairs or downstairs she takes off her clamps, and walks like a healthy person. That is a paradox. The fact is that Ms. Jennings-White is actually not a person with disabled activities! She just really appreciates to feel incompetent disabled!


The woman fantasizes of becoming anaesthetised! People with BIID know exactly in which place should be made an amputation, and after amputation may indicate that such a body still was not cut. After the amputation, they feel extremely happy and say that the only thing they regret that they have done it before.


In 2008 Chloe was diagnosed by doctors – syndrome of BIID. This is a rare and serious mental disorder, in which patients feel as if they would have much happier life with paralysis or amputated limbs.


To resist the wish to hurt her back, doctors offered Chloe to use a wheelchair and respective catches. Possibility to spend most of her life as a physically disabled brought great relief to Chloe, but she often thinks of real foot injury in a car accident or casualty.


Woman with the syndrome of Body Integrity Identity Disorder says that many people find and call her unconscionable, but in fact they just do not conceive her condition. Chloe believes that the capability of using a wheelchair, inspite the fact that she is typical person with 100 per cent capabilities and can move without any restrictions, literally saved her life.

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